Female Dentist Shows X-Rays of New Crown

The Benefits of CEREC


CEREC is the new way to get a dental crown. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and is otherwise referred to as Same Day Crowns. CEREC technology makes it possible to measure, design, create, and place a crown in just one visit to the dentist. There are many benefits to CEREC crowns over other types of dental crowns.


Wouldn’t it be nice to go into the dentist, get measured for a crown, and walk out with the permanent crown in place that same day? This is now possible with CEREC technology. 

Traditional crowns take multiple appointments spread out over a few weeks or even a month. You would have an appointment to take impressions for the crown, then wait a week or two while the crown is made in a lab and shipped back to the dentist’s office, then another appointment to have it placed. If it doesn’t fit, it has to be sent back to the lab for adjustments, which means another week or so to wait before you go back to the dentist yet again to have it placed. 

CEREC same day crowns eliminate most of the appointments and waiting time because the crown is made in your dentist’s office. You’ll have it placed the same day or at the very least, the next day.

Look Natural

CEREC crowns are made of porcelain, a type of ceramic that looks very similar to natural tooth material. It has a similar shine, smoothness, and slightly porous surface that your real teeth have. Digital impressions make it possible to create a crown that is the right color and shape to match the existing teeth. Patients who receive CEREC crowns are typically pleased with the look and feel of them.

Strength and Durability

Another benefit to porcelain is that it is extremely strong. You can eat anything you would normally eat with your natural teeth and maybe even some things you couldn’t eat before because of your compromised tooth. It is also strong enough not to be damaged when it meets your other teeth while chewing. Porcelain is durable, so it holds up for a long time. You can expect that your CEREC crown will last for your lifetime, as long as the root of the tooth remains healthy.

If you grind your teeth it would be best to wear a mouthguard at night, not only because of your crown, but to protect your teeth from the excessive wear that extra force inflicts. In fact, your porcelain crown is even less likely to be damaged from grinding your teeth and may inflict damage on your other natural teeth.

Accurate Sizing and Easy Adjustment

The benefit of digital technology is that a more accurate impression of your teeth can be made than with the goopy plaster of traditional impressions. Digital imaging takes precise measurements of your teeth, both the tooth to receive the crown and the surrounding teeth for a snug fit. Your crown is created directly from the computer images and will most likely fit properly the first time. And if for some reason it doesn’t, adjustments can be easily made by the in-office machinery to ensure you get the right fit on the same day.

CEREC Technology is Available at Meridian Dental Group

If you’re looking for a dentist that provides CEREC same day crowns, Meridian Dental Group has the necessary technology in office. When you need a crown and don’t have time to waste, CEREC crowns are a convenient option. 

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