Dental Emergencies in NYC


It’s hard not to panic when faced with a dental emergency, but our team at Meridian Dental Group is here to help. Call us during our regular office hours and our team will give immediate attention to your situation, and make every effort to see you at our office as soon as we’re able. 

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency during a time when our practice is closed, you can email us from our website or directly at We will contact you as soon as possible. In case of a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

How do I get an emergency dentist appointment?

If you need an emergency dentist appointment, call our office immediately. We typically reserve slots in our schedule for emergencies, but there are days when we have more dental emergencies than we can handle, so your best chance of getting an emergency dental appointment is by calling early in the day. That said, we know you can’t exactly plan for an emergency and we’ll make our best efforts to see you no matter when you call.

What are some dental emergencies?

A dental emergency is usually a situation in which you’re in excruciating pain, you’re experiencing bleeding that won’t stop, or you need prompt treatment in order to save a compromised tooth. Other situations may or may not be considered a dental emergency, depending on the circumstances. These include fillings that have fallen out, crowns or bridges that have fallen off, broken teeth, and loose dental implants.

Can I go to the ER for dental emergencies?

It’s best not to go to the ER for dental emergencies. Most ERs don’t have a dentist on staff, so they can only treat your pain, not the underlying cause. Still, if pain is unbearable and our office is closed, you may go to the ER and they can prescribe pain medication or antibiotics in the case of an abscessed tooth.

Can a knocked out tooth be put back in?

If a baby tooth is knocked out, we don’t put it back in—instead, we’ll examine your child’s mouth for soft tissue damage and assess whether a space maintainer is needed. For adult teeth, it is possible to replace a knocked out tooth, but only if you act quickly. First, it’s important not to touch the root of the tooth, as this can damage the special cells on it that prompt your gums to reattach. Instead, grab it by the crown and rinse it with milk, saliva, or water. Try to push the tooth back in the socket; if you can’t do this, place it in a small cup of saliva or milk and bring it to our office. We can put the tooth back and stabilize it so your soft tissues reattach securely.

Are cavities considered a dental emergency?

Unless they’re causing severe pain, cavities are not usually considered a dental emergency. You can schedule a regular appointment for a dental filling when you have a cavity that needs treatment.